In re NJ Affordable Homes Corp.

In connection with his work on behalf of the bankruptcy trustee investigating a debtor engaged in a real estate Ponzi scheme, Harry received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for “outstanding assistance in a joint investigative effort” leading to the criminal prosecution and conviction of various defendants.  Harry analyzed multiple sale and financing transactions for more than 400 properties involved in the fraud to establish both the existence of the Ponzi scheme, how it worked, who was involved, as well as the mortgage fraud perpetrated on various institutional mortgage lenders. He also managed over 800 adversary proceedings brought to determine the competing ownership and mortgage interests for the properties in question.

Edwards v. Sinetos (In re Inteco Int’l Trade Corp.).

Harry obtained summary judgment against a debtor’s principal for $460,000 on account of fraudulent transfers received from the debtor.

Kraushar v. Couples Cruise, LLC.

Harry obtained dismissal of alleged fraudulent transfer claims and related claims asserted against his client.


Notable Matters

Forman v. Kelly Capital, LLC (In re Nat’l Serv. Indus.).

Harry successfully defended against of a motion to dismiss claims exceeding $100 million against a debtor’s insiders and affiliates premised on fraudulent transfers (including the improper forgiveness of debt) and breach of fiduciary duty under Delaware law.

Signal Sign Co. v. Jordache Enterprises, Inc. et al.

Harry obtained dismissal of contract claims against well-known real estate entity and retailer.

In re Bennett Funding Group.

Harry represented to Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in this bankruptcy case which involved one of the largest Ponzi schemes in the United States at the time.  Among many other disputes and adversary proceedings, Harry was involved in global litigation with more than twenty financial institutions to establish the factual and legal framework to determine competing lien interests.

Wasserman v. Bressman et al.

Harry represented a bankruptcy trustee in this appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in which the Court refined the law governing when a transferee has inquiry notice of a potential unauthorized transfer and when the notice would give rise to a duty to investigate the transfer in question.


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