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We pursue our clients’ claims in State Courts, Federal Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, arbitration proceedings, mediation and out-of-court work-outs.

However, obtaining a judgment does not always result in timely payment to our client. When required, we take advantage of various, aggressive, collection procedures to obtain a monetary recovery from the judgment debtor and from others that may be responsible for the judgment debt.

And, we strive to obtain recovery for our clients as efficiently as we can.

Search For Recovery

Once judgment is obtained, we aggressively identify and then pursue the judgment debtor’s assets and income available to compensate our clients. In addition to pursuing the judgment debtor, we look for all other possibilities for recovery, including family members, persons and entities that assisted the judgment debtor in the actions at issue or that helped the judgment debtor to hide assets, other entities owned and controlled by the judgment debtor, successor entities, and all persons and entities that received asset transfers from the judgment debtor.

Bankruptcy Litigation

If the defendant or judgment debtor seeks bankruptcy relief, we protect our clients’ interests in those proceedings. In doing so, we can move to block the debtor’s discharge of debts, we can move to have the Bankruptcy Court except our client’s debt from discharge, or we can pursue other collection activity.

In one matter, we obtained authorization from the Bankruptcy Court to serve as the representative to pursue claims against the debtor’s spouse and related entities, we obtained a settlement of $775,000 for the benefit of the debtor’s creditors, and the Bankruptcy Court reimbursed our client’s fees and expenses.

Efficiency Is Important

Whatever the matter, we strive to resolve our clients’ claims as efficiently and economically as possible. As a matter of course, we seek to resolve our clients’ claims without the delay and costs of litigation. If we are unable to avoid litigation, we still work to resolve our clients’ claims as efficiently as possible before the costs escalate. In doing so, we attempt to engage in meaningful settlement discussions as quickly as possible. We also utilize various Courts’ mediation programs to consensually resolve our clients’ disputes.

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